VPN Token Self-Service (withdrawn in favour of Office365 MFA)

Every user of the NBI VPN service needs to obtain a VPN access ‘Token’ that uniquely identifies them.

You will find information below on how to get your VPN token and import it into Google Authenticator on your Smartphone.

Before you start, please ensure:

  • You have registered to use VPN by completing your Institute’s VPN application form. E-mail computing.helpdesk@nbi.ac.uk
  • You have a Smartphone (Apple iOS or Android) on which you have already installed ‘Google Authenticator’ App from your device’s App Store 
  • You have fully read the instructions

1. Browse to the Token Self-Service portal site https://tokens.nbi.ac.uk and login. If you cannot access the Self-Service site, make a request through computing.helpdesk@nbi.ac.uk to be sent your QR code and perform step 3 only. 

2. On the Token Self-Service portal web page:Click ‘Enroll Token’. 

 Your QR code (similar to below) will be displayed.

IMPORTANT: The QR code is shown ONCE.  DO NOT close the browser or click ‘Logout’ until you have used the QR code in step 3.
If you need to begin again, please first raise a job with the computing.helpdesk@nbi.ac.uk to have your Token account reset.

3. On your Smartphone(s):

  • Open the Google Authenticator App
  • Click ‘Begin’
  • Under ‘Add an account’, select ‘Scan a barcode’ and allow the App to access your camera
  • Scan the QR code displayed at step 2, ‘Place barcode within red lines’
  • Close the app

4. On the Token Self-Service portal web page:Click ‘Logout’

Using Google Authenticator with the NBI VPN Service

Open the Google Authenticator app to see your NBI VPN ‘Token-code’, this will change every 30 seconds.  When you login to the NBI VPN Service enter the 6 digits only (no space) when prompted for a ‘Token code’.

Note: The serial identifier displayed below the Token code is unique to you.  Please quote the serial number, (starting TOTP) if reporting issues with using the Token.