• The login procedure for journals while off-site is generally referred to as ‘Institutional Login’, or ‘Shibboleth’ on most websites. Do not follow the ‘Athens login’ link on websites. Each site will be slightly different, but generally you will need to select the ‘Institutional Login’ option, then select ‘Norwich Bioscience Institutes’ from a list of UK Federated Institutions, then login with your NBI username (username@nbi.ac.uk) and password when prompted.
  • Once you have logged in to a publisher’s website, later visits to the site should remember you as a member of ‘Norwich Bioscience Institutes’ and simplify further logins (usually by giving you a Norwich Bioscience Institutes link to click on).
  • Your Institutional login details are the same as your NBI network login details. When you change your network password, your Institutional password will follow suit.
  • Please remember, the institutional login is not an ‘access to everything’ pass. It is linked to NBI’s subscriptions and it will not magically give you access to every website with an institutional login option.
  • Access to resources while you are on the NBI site will continue to work automatically. There is nothing to be gained by logging in with an institutional login while you are on site.

If you have any problems with access, or anything is not working as indicated, please contact us