RDS – what is it?

RDS is a service offering access to the latest versions of windows software across a range of devices and platforms including Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Windows

RDS – what does it do?

RDS provides access to windows based applications and desktops as listed below.

Remote Apps

The following published Apps can be launched individually.  Note: When running the Apps from Windows or OS X the Apps interact seamlessly with the active desktop.

Office 2013



Remote Desktops

This icon launches a full screen desktop session which includes all of the published Remote Apps listed above

Refer to this procedure for navigation


RDS – how do I access it?

Access to RDS is available to all devices on the NBI network using either a wired or wireless connection.

To access RDS remotely outside of the NBI network a VPN connection must first be established.

Connect using Windows devices

There are two methods for accessing RDS using Windows.

Method 1

Launch RDS resources directly from a Web browser

Method 2

Add RDS resources to your Windows device so that applications can be launched directly from the Start Menu. This method is best if you frequently want to access RDS resources.

Follow the relevant procedure below to get started:


Connect using other devices

Microsoft have released a Remote Desktop client for Android, iOS and MAC OS X which can be used to access the published resources. FreeRDP (must be v1.2 or above) is available for Linux.

Follow the relevant procedure below to get started: