You can install the latest version of Office on your NBI computer, home computer, smartphone or tablet by following instructions below.

Install the latest Office suite on your NBI Windows computer

Upgrade the Office suite on your NBI Windows computer to achieve optimal integration with Office 365.

Office 365 ProPlus includes the latest versions of Office applications including Outlook, Word and Excel, and benefits from regular feature updates. You can install it by following the steps below: (Note: please allow 30 minutes)

  1. Launch ‘Software Center’ using the Desktop shortcut shown below
  2. Select ‘Office 365 ProPlus’ and follow the prompts
    Software Centre

Install the latest Office suite on your NBI Mac

NBI Macs with the Managed Software Centre installed will automatically receive the latest version of Office.

Install the latest Office suite on your personal computer

  1. Launch a browser and connect to the Office 365 portal
  2. Logon to the portal using your UPN (format:
  3. Select ‘Install Office 2016’ from the top right corner of the Office 365 Home Page as highlighted below and follow the on screen prompts:

Install the latest Office apps on your tablet or smartphone

  1. Use the following link to find the relevant Office app install instructions for your platform.
  2. Activate Office apps using your UPN (format:

Help and support

Once you’ve upgraded to Office 365 ProPlus there is some useful information here:-

Office 365 Training Center

Quick Start Guides