eduroam at the Norwich Bioscience Institutes

As defined on the janet website, the eduroam service allows users from any participating organisation to gain network access at a visted organisation. Norwich Bioscience Institutes provides Wi-Fi access to eduroam.

eduroam users requiring support should make us of their own Home organisation support and advice options. Any device must to be configured for Wi-Fi access to eduroam using methods and credentials provided by a users Home organisation.

The NBI complies with both the Home and Visited eduroam requirements. Technical details required to make use of eduroam within NBI are shown below:

  • eduroam tiers supported: Tier2 and Tier3
  • Security protocol support: WPA2
  • Cipher support: AES
  • SSID: eduroam

eduroam users requiring support should contact their own Home organisation IT staff for assistance.

eduroam Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  • Users will adhere to the JANET acceptable use policy.
  • Users will adhere to the eduroam(UK) policy.
  • Users will make sure that they keep Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software up to date on their clients, using the facilities provided by their Home ogranisation where applicable.
  • Users will not attempt to make use of Peer-to-peer software.
  • Users will ensure that they adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy of their own Home organisation.
  • Should users require support their point of contact will be their own Home organisation IT staff.